VERTTY: Make your life full of green!

Youth is a time at the crossroads of anxiety and excitement. Even though everything may seem awkward and challenging, it's okay to sometimes wander off the path. After all, no one starts out perfect. VERTTY will be your friend on the journey to discover the most authentic 'you.' To fill your most vibrant moments with refreshing green, VERTTY, packed with youth, will always be by your side 🌷


What is VERTTY?

VERTTY is a clean beauty vegan skincare brand that considers both usability and safety for those who are sensitive and concerned about frequent skin issues.


The VERTTY Story

At VERTTY, the journey begins with a profound appreciation for the beauty that nature bestows upon us. Each product they create at VERTTY is a testament to their commitment to nature and sustainability. All of their products have received the prestigious PETA vegan certification, meaning all products are entirely free from animal-derived ingredients and cruelty, aligning with their ethical values and respect for all living beings.

Also, their innovative formulations are designed to be gentle on the skin and won't clog your pores. This makes VERTTY products suitable for all skin types, including those with acne-prone skin.


Main Products

1. Tea Tree Hyaluronic Oil-Free Ampoule

This hydrating ampoule contains five types of hyaluronic acid with varying molecular weights to allow for deeper penetration into the skin. Another key ingredient in this product is tea tree water and extract, which not only provide a soothing effect but also deliver hydration. Its 'oil-free' formulation makes it suitable for all skin types, including those that are acne-prone and sensitive.

2. Tea Tree Xylitol Water Jet Cream

This non-sticky gel cream is crafted with natural xylitol, a cooling agent derived from birch trees. It incorporates another natural active ingredient, tea tree extract, to provide soothing and nourishing benefits to the skin. Its unique formulation is designed to lock in moisture and create a protective barrier for your skin.


The Celebration of Coexistence

VERTTY's commitment to sustainable beauty extends to their packaging, sourcing practices, and beyond. In essence, VERTTY is your partner in the pursuit of beauty that doesn't compromise your values or the planet's well-being. With VERTTY, you're not just using cosmetics; you're participating in a journey towards a more beautiful, sustainable, and compassionate future.


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